Friday, June 15, 2012

It has been VERY Busy around here lately! (That's a good thing)
Graduations, Baby Showers, Wedding Showers, Luncheons etc.
I actually started taking photos of much of my work and putting it on Parties By Sandi's new facebook page, I do have to admit that I sometimes forget the camera. Take a look at the pictures by going to the facebook page, you might find some ideas you like or some inspiration!

Here are a few pictures of the chocolate shoes I've been making for the Brides to Be!


        With the exception of the silk flower blooms glued on with chocolate they are completly EDIBLE!!! Made using a mold from chocolate, decorated with sugar pearls and sugar dusting powders, insole made of edible paper and edible markers, these have been a BIG HIT with the girls!!
The colors for the bride's were based on their wedding colors. They also make great Birthday gifts!

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